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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Casual Sex

Finding women who enjoy casual sex is like finding a gold mine. Everyone enjoys having a sex partner without any strings attached. It is like finding a hundred dollar bill on the side of the street. Nothing can get better than this. You dream about being able to do this, but you never get to. You have lost all hope haven't you? Don't loose hope. In this article, we will teach you how to find those partners for causal sex. If you are lucky enough to bag her, don't talk about getting married afterwards. Act like the sex was good, but don't go over board. Women do this when they play hard to get. Don't show too much interest in her.
Act like you enjoyed the sex and her company, but don't fall head over heels for her. At least if you have, don't let her know about it. Don't buy her anything. I mean never ever buy her anything. If she has sex with you and you bring over a bunch of roses, she will think you want more than just sex. Don't get fooled into this! Be nice, but when it comes to spending money, no dice!

What ever you do, don't fall into traps. If she starts crying because she wants a relationship or because she thinks all you want is sex, run fast away from her. She is saying these things to trap you into a relationship. Of course you don't want that, all you want is the sex. You need to get those rocks off. If she pulls out the traps, be smart and don't get caught in them. The problem with having causal sex is, that sex can loose its meaning. You are so happy to be getting laid, that there isn't any love in it. I know that sounds mushy, but even men enjoy love. Consider the emotional effects this may have on you before you go crazy and have sex with tons of women.

Keep on the look out for new casual sex partners that you can engage in great sex with. This will give you a great amount of choices when you decide that you are horny that day. We all can use more choices, can't we? Having these babes that you can bag at will is great. If you get turned down by that hot babe at the bar, you can always call up one of your casual sex buddies. This is a great way to make the anger of getting rejected less painful.

One of the things that you need to understand that when you have casual sex, many problems can happen. You can get STDs. If you engage in this type of sex, then you should be very careful. Always and I mean always wear a condom. Make sure that you get checked by the doctor often. It isn't right to spread disease around to people. You wouldn't like that happening to you. So please, watch your step.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sex can result in babies. Hold the damn phone, it can cause babies? Of course it can. If you are going to have casual sex, then you should be prepared to have kids. Condoms break, shit happens, and all that jazz. With sex, comes the chance of pregnancy. If you keep the things above in mind, you will be great with your casual sex partner. If you do it right, it can be a lot of fun. Always make sure to protect yourself at all costs. No pussy in the world is worth dying for.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Male Insecurity and Jealousy

So, you finally got the girl of your dreams. She's fine-looking and sexy. She's definitely a catch! Every time you go out, other guys are checking her out. So, you hold her closer, have a protective arm around her, and cast steely "Don't you mess with my girlfriend" stares at the other guys. You closely watch her every move and feel a pang of jealousy and insecurity, even at times when it is not the least bit warranted. You constantly call her up to check up on her or count the seconds before she answers your call. You've been too paranoid too many times whenever she says she's out with her girl friends or co-workers, or if she's meeting up with a high school sweetheart or an ex-flame. You instantly erupt in jealous rage at the mention of past loves.

You feel trapped by your insecurity and direct your energy to over protectiveness and jealousy instead. So, you try to buy her time and attention by overwhelming her with the prettiest flowers, wonderful gifts, expensive dinners, and luxurious holidays. You want to control and have the upper hand in the relationship. You utilize the possess-and-isolate tactic on her. You always make excuses for her to be always with you, or to be available at your beck and call. Her girl friends are exasperated with you and upset at how possessive you are.

So where does all this insecurity and jealousy spring from? You may have bad experiences before regarding relationships and loyalty, and you ensure that it doesn't ever happen again. In turn, you intensely guarantee that you are the sole object of her desire.

Male insecurity has also been known to directly correlate with a deficiency in the size of the male member. Many men are bothered that they are not big enough or they're not gonna please their ladies with their current size. This probably explains the thriving and often lucrative business that is penis enlargement.

Another reason may be about money or resources. Many guys feel disdain, oftentimes envy, towards other men who are better off than themselves. With more money, you could probably spend lavish gifts for your girl; and with more presents, you think you make yourself highly desirable and attractive.

Men, just like women, also need to be liked. They want to be respected, adored, and esteemed. They want to be feel important and special to someone. They want to be loved and needed.

So, how would you rein in your insecurity and keep your jealousy in check? Take time to do a self-assessment. Improve your looks and learn new things. Go to the gym, join sports club, or enroll in short courses like foreign languages, arts, or even acting. More importantly, is the measure of trust and loyalty that you and your girl have for each other. Don't let your insecurities cloud your judgment and ruin your relationships. Treat her with respect as much as you would want her to do the same for you.

Monday, May 14, 2007


It never ceases to amaze me that there are some women who are embarrassed by their boobs. I can understand girls who feel embarrassed because they feel that their mammaries are too small but the ones I can’t understand are those who think their tits are too big or that they attract unwanted attention. Boobs are meant to attract guys (as well as feeding babies) so why complain when they fulfil their function?

There are undoubtedly some women who do not like having their boobs touched during sex but they are definitely in the minority. Most of us gals love it when a guy rolls our tits in his hands and licks, nibbles and sucks on them. Of course it depends on just how you guys do it as to whether we just like it or it absolutely blows us away. Some men seem to think that girls like their boobs squeezed in a vice and rolled around like a lump of dough while others think that we like our nipples sucked so hard that it becomes painful. Some men sucked so hard on one of the nipples that it can give a disgusting looking bruise there for a week. Definitely not impressed and I was certainly not aroused by that treatment. Let me tell you that most women will not find treatment like that to be arousing at all and if you want to have a good time with a girl then you must be aware of what she likes too because the best sex occurs when everyone has a great time. Even a prostitute wants to have some fun with her clients so if you treat her right and take time to get her wound up you’ll have a lot more fun and when the girl is really aroused you never know what she might do with her tits.

It’s a real bonus for me when I’m making love with a guy who knows how to play with my tits and he is guaranteed to get more of my time and more of my attention than a guy who just wants to get his cock into my pussy and pound me till he cums. If the guy is prepared to take his time and make it pleasurable for me then I’m prepared to give him more time and make it even better for him.

Imagine lying on your stomach on a bed and the feeling of two heavy boobs slowly sliding from your feet up over your ass, up your back and coming to rest on the back of your head before they start to move back down your body till they have reached your feet again. Then you turn over and the massage begins again, slowly up your legs, pausing to give your hard cock a lot of attention and then up over your stomach and chest till two rock hard nipples are brushing your lips and dipping into your eyes. Then feel the shock as I sway back and forward so that my big boobs are hitting your face and almost suffocating you as they sit over your mouth demanding to be sucked and nibbled.

When I finally get around to full on making love with a guy I love it when he wants to choose a position that allows him to play with my boobs. A hard pounding cock deep in my pussy and gentle hands rolling and squeezing my boobs is guaranteed to have me moaning with pleasure and if the guy can manage to get his tongue onto my nipples then I’m almost certain to have a screaming orgasm once he starts to blow his load inside me.

Of course some positions are better than others when it comes to playing with a girl’s tits while fucking her at the same time. Missionary is not the best position although some guy’s can manage to do a very good job of stimulating tits with their hands and tongue while ramming their cock into me at the same time. Doing a girl doggie lets the guy lean forward and play with her tits but it’s a bit hard to penetrate and play at the same time in that position. When a guy is penetrating that way and stops to play with the tits you just have to give him a gentle hint to keep penetrating because when a penis is in from behind you just NEED it to keep moving!

If the guy wants to be on top and still wants to play with the tits then the best position is if you put your legs up over his shoulders while he kneels in front of you. Your legs support him and you can keep thrusting against his penis while he leans forward and gets your tits tingling. Of course, the all time best position is if the girl is on top and that is the position my guys seem to prefer when they want to play with your tits. They can squeeze and nibble and suck while you continue to ride up and down on their rod and you can also lean forward and slap their face with your boobs if they get a bit cheeky or stop playing with your boobs. They can also get a great display if all they want to do is watch – big boobs bounce around when the girl is riding a hard cock.

Guys love boobs, most girls love guys who know how to play with their boobs.

Friday, April 27, 2007

How do you give the perfect blowjob?

First I will say this, I know there are a lot of women out there who don’t like giving or receiving oral sex. I understand that you may think that it is dirty or like in an Asian country some women have stopped as they think it is an evil sin. I will have to find out where this article is and perhaps publish the web address in my next column. Why am I writing about giving your man a blowjob in my column you may ask, well I believe that if you please your man like he tries to please you, then to please him will please you too. When giving a blowjob, giving head or going down on your man, did you know that this form of sexual gratification too could turn you on?

Hot Blow Job…

Hehehehe, blowjobs, bjs hmmmmm… good topic don’t you think?

Giving a blowjob can be such a turn of for both parties so try it before you say you don’t like it.

Once again like with the guys you both need to be comfortable with it. If you feel that it is not a clean “tool” then have a shower together. Ladies take it in your hands, grab the soap, lather it up and wash it, play with it, see how it responds to your touch.

If there is room in the shower, kneel down in front of him and look closely at it, see how clean it is, before flicking your tongue over the tip. See how clean it is… Now you know that it’s clean because you helped wash it thoroughly, Close your mouth around it and feel it grow hard in your warm, moist mouth.

Take control and enjoy it as much as your partner!!

If you are being sensual and your partner tries to thrust causing you to deep throat and gag when you are not ready, grab him gently with you teeth, not tight enough to break the skin but tight enough to stop him…

Do not break the skin…

if you do all the romantic desires will have gone!!!!!

Ladies use your tongue, flicking it backwards and forwards as you suck. You can do both at the same time. Trust me on that one…

Now if you feel comfortable sucking him in the shower, get off your knees and head to somewhere a bit more comfortable, like the bed, continue what you were already doing but in a different position.

Ok first if you have lube – like KY jelly handy grab that before getting onto the bed, flavoured is great….

Have your guy lay down on the bed, kneel between his knees, squeeze a little bit of the lube, covering both hands…

Take his penis into your hands, see how slippery and sensual it is, gently massaging the shaft with both hands, occasionally teasing the head paying particular attention to the underside of the head.

Remember that you must be gentle that is why I keep referring to that particular word.

Now ladies hold on to his cock, use your tongue flicking over the head, lick the head all over and use the flat of your tongue to cover more area, gently suck on the head, sucking it into your mouth at the same time flick your tongue back and forwards around the head. Pay particular attention to the Frenulum (the underside of the penis), as it’s the most sensitive part of the glans (the head of the penis).

Tease him and please him at the same time, you can do it!

Run your hands over his inner thighs as you mouth moves on his shaft. Lower your mouth over his shaft and the trick to taking in as much as you can – to deep throat is to breath out as you are taking him in. I know this is a big ask, but concentrate on your breathing at the same time to avoid the uncontrollable urges you may get. I won’t go into detail, but I am sure you know what I am talking about.

As you suck him deep into your mouth and with your hand around the lowest part of the shaft pump him gently as your mouth rides his hot swollen penis.

As a bonus for your partner with the hand that is almost free, gently massage your partner’s testicles. Squeeze them, hold them, run your finger nails over them – there’s that word again “gently”, and at the same time sensually play with them.

Now the choice is yours. If your partner is your long-term partner and you feel you would like to taste him and swallow his cum, then read on, if not skip this paragraph and go on to the next… Your partner’s cock is throbbing with anticipation as your tongue works it’s magic, you taste his pre-cum it’s salty but nice, you wrap your hand firmly but not too tight around his cock, with your mouth sucking him deep, keep sucking as you pump him faster and faster… Keep stroking him until you feel his cock throb and suddenly he explodes sending his hot creamy cum down your throat… Look at him and lick your lips to show how much you enjoyed sucking his rod dry…

For the ladies who don’t like the taste, when you feel your partner’s cock throbbing and you feel his hips starting to thrust against you, take your mouth of his penis and with your hand wrapped firmly around his shaft pump faster and faster. Let your partner tell you how fast and how hard to stroke him as he gets nearer and nearer to dropping his load for you.

As he ejaculates let him know that you are excited too. I love watching a guy cum so as he is crying out in pleasure, if you are enjoying it too then I am sure you will know what to do… Taking control of your partner’s orgasm ultimately is a turn-on; learn how to give that special blowjob as it can ultimately be a satisfying experience for all involved.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Venereal diseases

Venereal diseases, or sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) as they are better known today, are a series of diseases which are transmitted through sexual contact between persons, most commonly through vaginal, oral or anal sex. Another term used by experts is “sexually transmitted infections”, but this term is less common.

Venereal diseases are an old companion and concern of mankind. As the British Empire spread throughout the world, British travelers, sailors and soldiers started bringing all sorts of diseases back to England. This is why the first VD clinic opened on January 31, 1747, at the London Dock Hospital. The biggest threats in those times were the syphilis and gonorr hea and the main purpose of the clinic was to study these diseases. They were also considered incurable at the time and doctors focused mostly on treating the symptoms.

The situation changed after the discovery of antibiotics, which made a lot of the old venereal diseases curable. Public health authorities have also launched campaigns of eradication against these diseases, which led to a decline in the number of cases. However, the ‘80s meant the advent of AIDS and genital herpes, which cannot be cured by modern medicine.

The most common VDs are Syphilis, Chancroid, Chlamydia Infection, Gonorrhea, Herpes, AIDS, Candidiasis and LGV. Sexual contact is also a means of spreading parasites such as pubic lice and scabies.

The easiest way of protecting yourself from VDs is to use condoms during sex. Although this will not help you against pubic lice, it would at least prevent the spread of infections and spare you the “pleasure” of visiting the STD ward. More so since, despite all efforts, AIDS still means death.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So you decided to have a go at one of your fantasies and actually have sex during your lady's period. Next thing on your mind is probably the biggest question: is it safe?

Believe it or not, the answer is "yes". As long as you don't mind the mess, sex during menstruation is safe. Let me rectify that: about as safe as it can be expected. Blood is a medium in which certain infectious agents multiply, so you might want to consider that before starting. Also, the chance of getting HIV is probably sky-high with all that blood around. Better use a condom if you are not sure of yourself or your partner. Still, there is no medical reason why a mutually monogamous couple (which is also free of STDs) should not have sex during menses.

But if you are not scared by these problems, then you can go right ahead. Of course you should wait for your lady to get over the worst days of her period, if you want sex to be any fun that is. The best idea is to spread a towel on the bed in order to keep the blood off the sheets, preferably a black or dark red towel. You can try any position you want, but your best bet is to stay on top and have the lady below. This should limit the flow of blood a little. The lady could also put to good use a diaphragm or a menstrual cup in order to keep the blood in, at least for a while.

The biggest risks brought by sex during menstruation are an increase in the risk of pelvic infections and HIV (because the opening of the cervix widens) and also a higher risk of pregnancy. Yep, you read that right: pregnancy. Just because your lady is having her period does not mean that you cannot get her pregnant. It's rare, I'll grant you that, but it did happen quite a few times.

Have fun and stay safe.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fat toddlers 'risk early puberty'

Girls who are overweight at the age of three risk reaching puberty as early as nine years old, a US study suggests.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Since the body of a woman is one of the most delightful things in a man's life, it is only natural that men should want to be more curious about what spots must be touched to drive a woman wild with desire. The erogenous zones are areas of the female and male bodies that have heightened sensitivity. Stimulation of these areas usually results in sexual response, although not every individual responds in the same way to the stimulation of all erogenous zones.

Some of the erogenous zones of the female body, such as the neck and the inner thighs, are well known from the popular literature. Others, such as the feet and the buttocks, are seen as belonging rather to the fetish group by certain people. However, we shall review them all here.

The feet: The feet are a good place to start and learning about the power of touch over a woman's sensitive areas. Many women like to have their toes tickled, licked and sucked on lightly. Yes, this does sound like a brave thing to do for many men, but many guys actually enjoy it. Moving up we find the back of the knees, which is an area featuring a high number of nerve endings. This means that the skin is very sensitive to touches and kisses. Further up still are the inner thighs, one of the most popular erogenous areas. Kiss them lightly, bite them lightly and caress to your (and hers) heart's content. Women will love it. At the top backside of the feet are the buttocks, another sensitive area and most women like to have it caressed. If you want to make her sizzling hot, you can also try kissing and licking and I'm sure most guys would not mind if it led to a little anal sex.

The nape of her neck and the ears. These two are a powerful combination and are usually the place to start the foreplay. Kissing, licking, caressing and massage work wonders on the most sensual part of her neck, while gently nibbling her ears will maker her hot and show you are a sophisticated lover at the same time.

The big three. And finally we come to the big three erogenous zones everybody knows about (which reminds me about that story of a German couple who did not have kids because they had no idea they were supposed to have sex, nor any idea what sex was). The big three are the lips, the breasts and the vagina/clitoris area. Kisses, caresses, licking, touching and fondling are not only highly recommended, but actually a must for any man who wants to experience the good things in life. And keep in mind that it pays to learn about both what makes your lady go over the edge with pleasure and the way to get her there.

Have fun and stay safe.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Although nearly every man who leaves his house on a regular basis in order to socialize knows at least one slang term to describe the act of sexual stimulation of the clitoris and vagina by using the mouth and tongue, not many men are familiar with the term cunnilingus. Others have no idea why fellatio is different from cunnilingus and what these two terms mean. However, it should be noted that such words are not used outside the medical community.

Cunnilingus is a form of oral sex by which the vagina is stimulated with the lips and tongue. The term itself comes from two Latin words: cunnus, which designates a woman’s genitals, and lingus, which means “to lick”. The basic technique is to gently lick, kiss or suck on the clitoris, the labia and the vaginal area. In practice, it’s up to the man to decide how to make the lady squirm with pleasure, although he is supposed to take the lady’s suggestions into account.

Many men base their views about cunnilingus on what they’ve seen in pornographic movies and stories. Unfortunately, a porno movie director does not have the money or film time to let the actors stage a proper cunnilingus and so the male star usually goes right for the woman’s clitoris. This is not a good idea because the clitoris is an extremely sensitive organ and should not be approached directly. More so if the woman in question is not fully aroused. Most times it’s preferable to begin cunnilingus with a gentle stimulation of the entire genital area.

Oral sex features the same huge number of variations and techniques as intercourse or anal sex, depending on what the two lovers like and dislike. The best way to go about it is to use your the lips and tongue freely and either deducing from your partner’s response what works best or asking the lady to guide you. If she likes what you’re doing, keep on doing it. If she is uncomfortable and not any closer to orgasm, you might want to change tactics.

Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to get better access to the clitoris or vagina. Don’t be shy to use sex toys. You could try to insert a finger in the vagina or into the anus while stimulating the clitoris with your tongue. These kind of erotic games please ladies no end and can be easily made part of the sex life of any couple, regardless of sexual orientation. Some people tend to think that oral sex is a practice restricted to the gay community, but they are very wrong. Any couple can use oral sex as part of the foreplay or even as a replacement for the main course of the night.

Cunnilingus is a sexual act that does not lead to pregnancies and it’s also considered much safer than both vaginal and anal intercourse. Although many people are not pleased with the thought of oral sex because they worry about diseases or germs which could be passed on from the vagina to the mouth. However, the risk is actually very low, especially since any germ or disease picked up during oral sex would have been picked up through intercourse anyway.